In Pakistan sports is more than just a hobby. It is a refuge, an escape. Whether its economic distress, load-shedding or political instability, the one thing Pakistanis can always rely on is going out and having a good game. Most of all, it is not a right reserved only for the rich.You would see someone from the poorest areas of the city just as excited about a match as his economically better off counterpart.

To the surprise of many, hockey is the national sport of an otherwise cricket-obsessed Pakistan. In the national sport Pakistan has won the country four World Cups and three Olympic gold medals. It has also won the most number of Asian gold medals. Moreover, Pakistan prides itself in being the only Asian team to have won the Champions Trophy with three titles. For a significant period of time Pakistan team consistently ranked amongst the top teams in the world. Unfortunately, however, the craze of the sport is consistently declining. There may be various internal factors causing it as well as a considerable lack of international appeal.

Our national sport may not be cricket but it remains the undisputed champion in terms of popularity in the country. Pakistan won the World Cup final in the year 1992. In 2009 the country won the T20 Championship and the Champions Trophy in the year 2017 in a historic victory against India defeating them by 180 runs! The thrill and the electrifying energy that comes with every match is an inexplicable high. A six scored by Afridi against India is more than just a wining point. It is a political statement!

Pakistan’s diversity that comes with having a huge population translates into a large variety of sporting disciplines. Over time several sports are gaining more popularity while the enthusiasm in others might be declining. Moreover, Pakistan is one of the very few countries in the world, which has retained the popularity of indigenous sports like Kabbadi, khokho and gilli-danda. Nevertheless, cricket is the most popular sport amongst Pakistanis and is expected to remain so for the foreseeable future.

Sports in Pakistan, especially Cricket, is always a topic for the win when in meetings and conferring with clients!

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