Karachi- the city of lights is the cultural hub of the country. The former capital is Pakistan’s biggest city. The founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born here which is why the city is also referred to as the ‘city of Quaid’.

It is the centre of all financial activity. The city moves at twice the pace of the rest of the country. Karachi enjoys economic as well as commercial benefits and has a rich colonial history. It is full of entertainment, fun, zeal and zest. It is an ethnically, linguistically and religiously diverse city.

Being located in the south the city enjoys sandy beaches. The Arabian Sea is the heart of the city. On most days the sun shines on the rippling cool surface of the mighty sea. Different beaches in the city offer various different activities. Among the most popular are, a quick swim in the sea on a hot sunny day or horse and camel rides on a Sunday. There are many restaurants especially doing Bar B.Q. Sunbathing however remains the top favourite!

The architecture of the city is unparalleled. The city of Quaid has art galleries with pieces being a delight to the eyes. Canvas gallery has traditional art on display whereas one can find modern art of budding Pakistani artists at Gandhara.

The white marbled Tooba mosque has a soothing aura and incredible architecture. It gives off a feel of aesthetic Islamic architecture and one gets intricate vibes from the domes.

The city of lights is the most famous for its food. The food street is the most famous food destinations in the entire country. They are known for their unique taste and presentation. Karachi is the melting pot of people, culture and thus food. They city has a multicultural cuisine due to its diversity.

Karachi is a beautiful example of various different groups belonging to different faiths, castes and cities coming together, living in harmony in search of opportunities to build a better life for themselves, making a beautiful culturally diverse city in the process.

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